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Belfast - Custom House Square - August 2022

These shots, taken with a GoPro put in my jacket pocket, are not the beautiful version of a video made for a band, but the demonstration of what work is behind the world of show or concert photography. Everything that we see as “Spectators” is often very beautiful, but what we photographers have to experience behind the stage is completely different.

There are no moments of relaxation, every moment can be good to capture or lose a precious image, so you must always be present and never stop.
So, next time you go to a concert and you see some guys with cameras running front and back in front of you, don’t be angry if for a moment they can block your view… just think that they are working for a maximum of 3 songs, while you’re there to have fun for hours…

I wanted to give a funny title to this video, to take up the name of the band that I followed closely:
“Silent, but Bruno is running”