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On Sale Now - Lost Boy (The Remix Project)

Silent Running has released their new digital EP ‘Lost Boy (The Remix Project)’ which contains 4 radically remixed versions of their 2019 single ‘Lost Boy’. 


The EP comprises:


Lost Boy (Cyberpunk mix) – a shorter, punchier, radio-friendly version of the original song. 

Remixed by Gary Aiken.

Lost Boy (Chill Mix) – a stripped-down chill-out version of the original, draped in echo, reverb, and special effects. 

Remixed by David Williams.

Lost Boy (House Belfast Mix) – when dance floors ever re-open this pounding, House influenced bass-heavy version will be a real crowd-pleaser. 

Remixed by David Williams.

Lost Boy (Reprise) – a string-laden, piano, keyboard, and vocal interpretation of the song – highlighting Peter Gamble’s amazing vocal performance and the song’s emotive lyrics. 

Remixed by David Williams.



Silent Running are currently recording their fourth studio album, the long-awaited follow up to ‘Shades of Liberty’, ‘Walk on Fire’ and ‘Deep’. 


“We had hoped to have the album released by this summer and had planned some high-profile gigs to promote it but sadly the pandemic put paid to that idea. We’re over half way through recording it now and I think it’s our best ever work. I can’t wait until the fans hear it and we get to play it live” said Gamble. 


Lost Boy (The Remix Project) in available to download from Bandcamp NOW and will be available on Spotify and all streaming platforms on June 4th.