Golden Days

Golden days don’t fade away 

Diamond nights keep shining bright

Heart and soul like the air I breathe

Buried gold

A part of me

Keep safe these precious memories like treasure deep inside

At night I ride the mystery train through the soundtrack of my life

Don’t ever leave me now

Don’t ever leave now

Golden days in the big wide blue 

Diamond nights in the spotlight’s hue

We thundered through earth’s stratosphere dreams filling our young hearts 

We walked on fire, shared gypsy blood no one could tear apart

Don’t ever leave me now

Don’t ever leave me now

Then I got lost in life’s hurricane

But I looked across

And I was home again 

Back to the golden days and the diamond nights 

Where I wanna stay

In  the white spotlight 

Where the colours fly and the home fires burn 

With the flame of love

Sweet flame of love