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From the desk of Davy McLarnon….

Shock Treatment are excited to be playing support to Silent Running at their LIVE IN VOODOO gig, April 29th

Take yourselves back to the summer of 1979 and you’ll find the Treatment playing at an anti-nukes free festival at Queens University Belfast. Also playing on the bill that day were The Setz an excellent punk and new wave covers band from whence the wonderful Silent Running would emerge. The two bands would cross paths many times throughout the next few years as they plied their trade throughout Ireland, North and South. By 1983 the Treatment had run their course but did spawn the editor of Smash Hits and Silent Running had signed on the dotted line and were making big records for EMI.

One thing is certain the boys in the two bands were born to make and play music and so as things stand that’s exactly what they are all still doing.

Shock Treatment were put back together in 2012 releasing their Days of the Buckshee Bounce are Nearly Over album on Spit Records in 2014. They continue to play and record and just recently replaced their keyboard player Keith McVeigh with the wonderful Ben Trowel, lead guitarist out of another legendary Northern Irish rock band, Ghost of an American Airman. Now included in the Treatment’s set you will find several GOAM songs faithfully reproduced.

Viral interruptions, lockdowns and the like have curtailed live performance for both bands over the past 2 years but that time has been well spent by both acts polishing off sets, writing, recording and releasing new material.  Last summer saw a brief chat between Davy and Gary about the possibility of the two bands playing together but it was during a long and intense late-night phone exchange between Davy and Peter that the deal was sealed.

Judge for yourselves by purchasing tickets for the BIG SHOW – Friday April 29th – Belfast – VOODOO.

Anti-nukes – bring your own clay pipes.